October 5th 2011 – Ship of fools

11 Oct

Today I really did not have any fun. Had the same officer as last week but as always was with a new gang of people to “work with”. We did three jobs in all today, two basic gardening jobs cutting hedges and the like and one litter picking. In the seven hour day we spent about three hours actually working and the rest of the time drinking tea or sat in the van. The problem today was being stuck with the most moronic, racist, sexist and unproductive humans i have ever encountered in my whole life. Screaming offensive things out of the window at lolly-pop ladies and OAPs that walked past while the probation officer just sat there in silenced and drove. By the end of the day I was so infuriated I wanted to strangle them to death! One interesting thing that did happen was the hours we spent driving around in circles trying to find where some of the jobs were. A satnav or at least a map would have added another hour or so of actual work time on the day and saved some petrol.

One other thing that has being playing on my mind over the past few weeks has been health and safety. The wire brushing of the metal railings we did on the second week was done without dust masks. It occurs to me that the railings were old and may very well have been painted in lead based paint. I wonder how much though into matters like this is done when the jobs are taken up.

Only a short one for this week guys but thanks for reading.


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